Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blogger is annoying

So I finally got around to writing a blog on the tablet and then tried to load a photo on it ...... AND it chucked a fit.

So my full OUT OF SERVICE post has disappeared. 

The Wrap Up

- I've been busy and out of service

- Halal and islam discrimination is really on the up since I left the online world last.  People seem to forget what happened when we banned live export.  We live in a world economy and our neighbours are Muslims.   Nobody gives a damn about Christian religion making money and not declaring what they do with it.  Not called a terrorist tax then.  Where are the facts, proof instead of propaganda and sensationalism????  Context would be great because it just seems like discrimination or being prejudice.

- Did you get rain?  Wet season has kicked in here so its time to catch up on sleep and a few books while the dams and waterholes fill up.  Might also have a holiday... see what its like in the big bad world.

Not much else to report.  Been too busy to take photos and I'm not that great at it so I tend to forget.

Outback Girl

PS Lee-Anne at Governess Australia is writing up a blog about how she lives healthy in the outback. Hoping she'll have it ready to post soon.

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  1. Reading books while rain falls sounds like the perfect plan. Would love to see some more of what you've been seeing. I worry about how people have been reacting to recent events but in some ways I can understand it. What people don't understand or know about is scary. Enjoy the wetness from the sky.