Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What are those thingymajigs called...MEMEs

I came across this picture months ago. I'd seen and shared the one about jillaroos but had no idea what they were.

Are you ready peoples... they are called... MEMEs

I have found some which I hope interests you on homeschooling, teachers, education bloggers, stay at home mums and lastly what I do when I get home from work.

Two homeschooloing memes which really are not quite right... Do you think you could make one for Home Tutors. I would love a copy to share on my facebook page.

I loved this one and thought it should say HOME TUTOR

To all those Distance Ed. Mum's a tribute
Since I started blogging, is this me? I like what I pretend to do.
I love the preschool teacher meme. Our preschool teacher is always commenting on the fact the principal thinks all she does is paint. If only she new the ours of work and planning for educational activities.

LASTLY my favourite .... exercise, shower and work V food, facebook and sleep

That's All Folks

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