Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally have my own google account

When setting up this blog I actually got a mate to do it and to post I have been logging in with her details.  This week she has set me up with an email and got me my very own account.

I believe that I was getting far to confident that to quote her 'My wings had feathers and she was pushing me out of the nest.  I have always been handy around the Facebook pages but as she runs her own website I just let her create away with my blog.  Since then my posts have included many of her photos and I have been able to keep my anonymity which means I can post WHATEVER. 

Now that it is time to start following all my favourite blogs... woot woot

What are those thingymajigs called...MEMEs

I came across this picture months ago. I'd seen and shared the one about jillaroos but had no idea what they were.

Are you ready peoples... they are called... MEMEs

I have found some which I hope interests you on homeschooling, teachers, education bloggers, stay at home mums and lastly what I do when I get home from work.

Two homeschooloing memes which really are not quite right... Do you think you could make one for Home Tutors. I would love a copy to share on my facebook page.

I loved this one and thought it should say HOME TUTOR

To all those Distance Ed. Mum's a tribute
Since I started blogging, is this me? I like what I pretend to do.
I love the preschool teacher meme. Our preschool teacher is always commenting on the fact the principal thinks all she does is paint. If only she new the ours of work and planning for educational activities.

LASTLY my favourite .... exercise, shower and work V food, facebook and sleep

That's All Folks

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bloody Telstra

You haven't seen me on here for a while.  Like has been busy and fun and stressfull all rolled into one.  
My mind is now a jumble and the great blog I had planned is a no go because the TELSTRA wireless internet connection is slow.  Can't get the bloody photos to upload.

Anyway how was your week, day and month?  Every had a month you wouldn't mind starting again to actually get it right?
Welcome to my month.  It is the little things which peeve me off when you get them wrong all the really good things you do get lost and forgotten.  
It's like a bad restaurant, we always remember and share with friends.  Do you every share your great meals without someone asking?  I bet if you looked at percentages it would be a lot less.
Back to my other train of thought ... with governessing it is easy to take it personally but I always remember a piece of advice given by an experienced govie ... "Its a job, don't take it personally because it is a job.  It's hard when you live in a business and a home at the same time."
I am a tough critic on myself when I get it wrong and sometimes I ignore the signs and symptoms that tell me its not right.  You know the voice in the back of you mind or the feeling in your tummy or your intuition.  
But now that I am switched back on and behaving in my natural way, I will analyse this to death.  Lesson learnt to next time.
What a jumbled blog.  Time to put in another load of washing.  Why does it keep piling up?  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

20 Types of Facebook Friends

I found this online and loved it.  
What types are you?

Depending on how I am feeling I am number 2, 10 and 20.

20 TYPES OF Facebook Friends

 1) The "Rooster" – Feels that it is their job to tell Facebook "Good Morning" every day

 2) The "Lurker" or "Creeper" – Never posts or comments on your post, but reads everything, and makes reference to your status when they see you in public. You sometimes forget they are even ON Facebook because you never see anything from them.

 3) The "Hyena" – Doesn't ever really say anything, just LOLs, LMAOs and ROFLMAOs at everything.

 4) "Mr/Ms Popular" – Has 4,367 friends for NO reason. Says it's for playing games.

 5) The "Gamer" – Plays Words With Friends, Farmville, Mafia Wars, Scrabble, Bakes virtual cakes and stuff, sends you virtual flowers, etc., ALL DAY LONG. Most likely while on the clock at work.

 6) The "Cynic" – Hates their job, their life, and everything in it, as evidenced by the somber tone in ALL of their status updates. Never seems to be happy.

 7) The "Collector" – Never posts anything either, but joins every group and becomes fans of the most random stuff.

 8) The "Promoter" – Always sends event invitations to things that you ultimately delete or ignore.

 9) The "Preacher" - Quotes more bible verses than the Sunday sermon. Probably doesn't even go to church. 

 10) The "Liker" – Never actually says anything, but always clicks the "like" button

 11) "Drama Queen/ King" – This person always posts stuff like "I can't believe this!", or "They gonna make me snap today!", in the hopes that you will ask what happened, or what's wrong...but then they never finish telling the story.

 12) The "Updater" – Always updates you on what they are doing and who they are doing it with, no matter how arbitrary and meaningless. Go wash that laundry now. 13) The "Next Gordon Ramsay"-Always posts picture of food they have cooked, no matter how disgusting it may look. When out to dinner, posts pictures of food, drink and from time to time even pictures of the waitress and dishwasher.

 14) The "Biggest Loser"-Lets you know everytime they are at the gym or going for a run.

 15) The "Pet Rescuer" - Wants you to adopt 35 pets this week. 

 16) The "Night Owl" -  Has to say "Good Night Facebook, Sweet Dreams" 

 17) The "News Anchor" - Because nobody has access to a TV or a radio, so they need to update everyone what famous person just died, what the weather is like and what the Iranians did today. 

 18) The "Professional Photographer" - Keeps the screen filled with photos of sunrises, sunsets and snowstorms.

19) The "Last Comic Standing" -  Tries to bust your balls and be funny on every post you make. Most the time, unsuccessfully.

 20) The "Thief" –  Steals status updates... and will probably steal this one.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My new Window

What a view ... are you jealous much.  I am settling in beautiful to my new job and the view out the school windows are the best.  I had to set up my desk so it was facing it as well.  While watching the kids I can look over the view and dream.