Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bloody Telstra

You haven't seen me on here for a while.  Like has been busy and fun and stressfull all rolled into one.  
My mind is now a jumble and the great blog I had planned is a no go because the TELSTRA wireless internet connection is slow.  Can't get the bloody photos to upload.

Anyway how was your week, day and month?  Every had a month you wouldn't mind starting again to actually get it right?
Welcome to my month.  It is the little things which peeve me off when you get them wrong all the really good things you do get lost and forgotten.  
It's like a bad restaurant, we always remember and share with friends.  Do you every share your great meals without someone asking?  I bet if you looked at percentages it would be a lot less.
Back to my other train of thought ... with governessing it is easy to take it personally but I always remember a piece of advice given by an experienced govie ... "Its a job, don't take it personally because it is a job.  It's hard when you live in a business and a home at the same time."
I am a tough critic on myself when I get it wrong and sometimes I ignore the signs and symptoms that tell me its not right.  You know the voice in the back of you mind or the feeling in your tummy or your intuition.  
But now that I am switched back on and behaving in my natural way, I will analyse this to death.  Lesson learnt to next time.
What a jumbled blog.  Time to put in another load of washing.  Why does it keep piling up?  

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