Monday, October 24, 2011

Computer Guru .....Crazy Nut

Sitting in an outback school room is no longer about crackly HF Radios and car batteries.  Gone are those simple days. It now involves lessons over the computer and the daily wrestle with the internet, websites, printers, scanners and emails.  Once you have finished dealing with all that there is still MP3 players, cameras, xbox's, headphones, microphones and touch screens.

Did I miss anything?  

Every morning I head in early just to get the computer on track, I no longer shut it off each night because it take too BL&#DY long to start up if I do.  To start up, get the email and morning messages up it takes for usernames and passwords.

I do love computers ... its just slow education department ones that annoy me.

Computer knowledge in the outback is often a curse.... there is always someone on the station that needs your help OR at times I just have to do something to make their lives easier because I can't bear to watch them struggle.

Some of my favourite tips ... to start with

Internet Browers: 
Stay away from internet explorer if you can.  Download Firefox and Opera and use them as browsers. I have a lot less viruses since I started using them.  Hackers and Viruses target microsoft.

Emails Programs:
Rather than using Outlook Express or Outlook I use Thunderbird.  Once you get into it, it is a fantastic email program.  I also have about 4 email address for business which I like to keep separate.  Thunderbird is great for this.
If you want a more social email program then try incredimail.

Photo Resizer:
Microsoft has a great little powertoy photo re-sizer.  Which after downloaded and installed to use all you do is right click and resize.  Google it and download. 

Don't email massive photos.

Remember pictures in WORD documents can be compressed.  Looking in the help

Gadgets: Found in Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization
Windows 7 & Vista uses gadgets which can be downloaded and installed to help with lots of things.  My favourite gadget is the Bigpond Usage Meter which keeps an eye on your usage without logging into telstra or waiting for an email.  You can search online and find many useful gadgets.  I actually only have 2 on my desktop, otherwise it gets cluttered.

Keep the desktop unclutter.  No more than 10 icons.  Such as Email, Internet, Accounting Software, Music software, Camera/photo software, mapping software.

I also create a new folder on the desktop and each time a game is installed I put the icon in there. Easier for the kids to find.

Remember Desktop icons can be deleted because they are always in the menu.

OKAY ... now time to look at the window then head out the door

So nice to look out the window and see grass waving in the breeze

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