Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Isolating, living in the outback ??? I'm in desperate need of a quiet weekend

I had a great weekend and thought I'd share some of the joys of outback life.  I can't show to many pictures as only a few are appropriate. So I have put together a snapshot of various weekends. 

Life is what you make it ... I have never found like in the outback isolating or lonely and I have worked in some very remote corner of Australia. Often I have found myself looking for a quiet weekend.

Governessing can have a fantastic social life, it is just what you make of your time...

A couple of years ago I went out for 8 weeks straight to all different types of activities
  • sometimes to a local event; gymkhana, rodeo, races
  • the pub in a town
  • a weekend out on the station camping or with the bosses at the nearest lake
  • road trip with the govies sightseeing and having fun
  • weekend at a govies cottage
The list could go on.  

If you don't have a car then share costs with a govie or worker and jump in their car.  I am lucky enough to have a car and enjoy picking up govies on the way

Sometime the weekend may be a spontaneous weekend in which the bosses and locals head to the nearest lake.  BBQ, sunburn and drinks are the order of the day.

Other time you head out on a planned weekend with other govies and station staff to an event...

Meeting each other and road tripping together

 Swags at the ready ...

Nibbles and drinks on the nearest tailgate


Ready to dance up a storm in the dust or mud

 Some drinks fall victim to the fun and laughter but all will be rescued and consumed.

 Sunday brings a big bottle of water

 AND swags to roll up

Some weeks end up in a pub in town devouring cocktails by the jug


Leaving your belongings at the door of the motel as you rock back in the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes a weekend at one of the govies cottages on her property

Plenty of nibbles are required...

For a relaxed weekend catching up

Eating is not cheating because life it about stayers

Nothing better than a sunrise after staying up all night

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