Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter -- a girls dream farmer? Is he married?

Easter is here and I am suppose to be packing for holidays. Chocolate is the fridge and the carton of Cadbury which I brought as spare is look like mice have been in it.  What can I say I needed something to help with the packing and I am not a wine drinker.

Anybody watching my facebook page will know I ranted a little ...check below

What to do about a vindictive bitch who happens to be an older cousin who was like a parent or aunty to you. How many snide comments do you tolerate before you send a well worded message? Or do you just out her in the restricted?

I was pissed and lucky my kindness to all creature kid in before my don't give a sh&t typing fingers.  Thank you for this blog which means I can vent big time.  One splurge to help get it out of the system.  

Actually Mum would have killed me if I had said anything to this person as it would just start another round of crub which she had to deal with.

I really need to stop procrastination and pack for holidays.


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