Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Farming Perceptions

It really worries me that the current perception of farmer is they are an 'uncaring lot' when it comes to flora and fauna.   

A lot of this attitude is highlighted in the Live Export debate something which I won't tackle in this post as that topic is riddled with 50 shades of grey ;)

What many people in society don't realise is that FARMERS rely on having good healthy flora and fauna.  For the future of their business, their family, their flora and fauna, and their environment.

Farmers are family people who need to live in harmony with animals and the environment.  

Farmers need to be outdoors enjoying the beauty that nature offers.  

Farmers need to do whatever we can to help feed the world, without food we all will wither.

Farmers know we have to do the best job possible to make sure the environment is intact for future generations. 

Farmers make decisions daily to keep the environment in balance.

If we don't look after our animals (or any part of the environment) then we will not be able to sell our stock and this will result in many issues which are all dependent on each other.  

And YES the word profit is going to come up. 

If we don't care for our animals (and environment)... the animals will be not be in the best possible condition meaning the farming business will not make a profit need to improve the quality of care and to support the family.  Profit means that a business can survive and improve the quality of what they do and the way they do it.  Profit and good animal welfare go hand in hand.  Good animal welfare and a good healthy, balanced environment.  Animals in poor condition make less profit which impacts on welfare. 

I could name a doesn't different examples of environmental care by farmers. 

I don't know a farmer who can walk past an animal suffering and ignore it.  AND when I say suffering I am talking not just human factors but natural suffering as well should be taken into account.

Many of the farms around my area recently been involved in 50/50 funding projects to fence off swamps and dams which have endanger trees around them to protect.  

Sometimes what annoys me the most is the people that are making remarks in social media have not been to many farms at all.  Maybe the government bring in a law on enforced conscription to farms AND I don't mean hobby farmers.  Would this help close the city-country divide.  Would this bring city folk back to their roots so that they start to remember the process of life.

Farmers are the original 'greenies'  we are the countries first line of defense for the environment.

If someone thinks that a farming method is wrong then rather than BAN it outright we should be...
  • investing money in research and development for new methods
  • educating farmers on better methods.
  • adjusting laws to make if easier and cheaper to access 'greener' methods.

I am in no way saying that all Farmers do the right thing by their farm.  Like in ALL PARTS of society some are ignorant or cruel.  These people need educating or exit the industry.

OKAY enough waffle from me, I need to head out and do some work :) see you all on the flips side

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