Thursday, July 18, 2013

New mobile/driving rules came into effect 1 Nov 2012

I was emailed this at the end of last year from a NSW site I am subscribed too.  I live in ignorances of lots of law changes.  It was an interesting read.

With the holiday season approaching it is good to be reminded that there are new mobile phone rules for drivers:

Key changes include:

Drivers are not permitted to hold a phone in their hand, other than to pass it to a passenger, and cannot rest the phone on their leg or between their shoulder and ear.

Phones or GPS devices must be mounted in a commercially designed cradle and affixed to the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Use of Bluetooth is permitted, as
long as the phone is not being held against the body.

Drivers are only permitted to use hand held mobile phone when the vehicle is legally parked and/or off the road with the engine switched off.

Penalties of up to 4 demerit points and $397 apply for failure to adhere to these rules.
Safe travelling and remember to take breaks!

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