Tuesday, October 28, 2014

52 Ways To Organise Your House

AND DO I REALLY WANT TO is organise you

Found this link on facebook 

It was interesting to say the least.


  1. Clever idea the rail but I'd be worried about the kids pulling knives off the magnets.
  2. All very well if you have a pantry but hard to do with little space.
  3. Do you have enough room to stand these up.  Mine are in a drawer
  4. Clever but I just put them upside down on the pot and stack the pots.  Saves chasing them around.
  5. I have an old shed gate which I would love to do in my own house.  DREAMS
  6. Kids would have a ball pulling those off.
  7. Just imagining cleaning them off after a dust storm.
  8. Now that is a doer if I had deep drawers... when I build the dream house i will ;)
  9. We use these in the coolroom.  ALREADY DONE
  10. AGAIN DONE - station pantries need to be organised
  11. Still remember the last basket collapsing.
  12. If only I had hanging closet space.  BUILD new house is on the list.
  13. AGAIN don't these people have dust.  Must add walk in wardrobe to dream house list
  14. OCD???? Anyone
  15. Thats if you put things back on the hanger or wear them straight off
  16. DONE
  17. For all one belt -- cool
  18. Again my sunnies end up in a different car each time 

Okay time to skip a few... some good ideas but not going to analyse all

24 and 25 is something I do not.  One room in my cottage has a magnetic wall and is turning into a great storage item.

34 that is a brilliant idea.  I'm always chasing cleaner.  Although these days I am cutting chemicals out more and more and going back to simple cleaners

35 - in the bush this equates to good, jeans and socks, tops and jocks

46  and 48 - must do as they drive me nuts

5 and 52 - They must have seen my schoolroom

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