Sunday, January 1, 2012

The door slams...

In my home when Mum's awake everyone is awake.  She is not an early riser but comes out bleary eyed and goes to the toilet slamming 2 doors on the way. 

... of course she still believes it is Dad is the loud one, who over the last 10 years has really worked on sneaking down the passage.  Actually since we shifted the old china cupboard they no longer tink as he walks passed my bedroom door.

I wonder what Mum would say if I told her how loud she was... probably yell at us then sulk (She has low self-esteem and can be difficult at times to manage but is a good person when she is not trying to make everything about herself)

What are you doing today?   

OUTBACK NEW YEARS DAY's are interesting.  Some people stay at home under the air-on catching up on sleep others head to the nearest lake or dam.  Some are still at the local spot or making an excursion to town.

This year for the first time ever are heading to a local lake... normally if we are at home we all have a night of New Years Eve then head home.

What have you done on past New Years? 

Tell me your story? 

Happy New Year

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