Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some days you want to cry and scream ... Family RANT

Must be nice having other peoples f&&king lives ... while I do every elses hard yards. Others come out smelling like bloody roses. 

IT"S FINE ... I'll be the one to tell that person it's not going to work then get the blame with that person saying I don't love them and I always say they are wrong.  WHATEVER

That's it I am going to sit back and not say a bloody word. If only it was not in my nature to help people. 

Rant moment. Never reflect on the last 6 months when over tired because I just feel even more pissed off. Time for music and a computer game to block the overthinking

Family ... can't shoot them, I've looked into it this week.

If only I wasn't the one everyone came to when someone needs counselling or is depressed and needs fixing.  I am good at and do love it BUT the problem with family cycles is they KEEP going around.  AND I don't want to end up with the same relationship as the generation before has.... dysfunctional.

How many years before I stand up and tell the other it is time to do their part and say what they think rather than telling lies JUST to keep that person happy and keep the peace.
OKAY ... calming down and feeling far less pissed off.

I love my family, all parts but some days they are hard work.

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