Thursday, July 26, 2012

Socialisation and Isolation

I did write a pictorial post on this topic ages ago about my experiences.

*** Just some more thoughts ***

When coming out bush people worry about isolation and their social life.  Let’s do some comparisons and look at different situations.

Work Contact ---

Your work social life will go from just seeing them 9 hours a day to 24 hours a day to seven days a week.

Also you will find yourself having work drinks at some stations every night of the week, something which you probably didn’t do on a regular basis in the city, unless you work with a friend. 

Definitely increased contact here J 

Can also be frustrating as often they are not people you would choose to hang out with.  But make the most because these are often interesting people in their own right.

Old Friends and Family Contact ---

On a station unless you have mobile service you will no longer be talking or texting mates everyday.  It will more likely be once a week.   You still most likely will have facebook and internet access it is a good time to start communications like this.

Text and talk will decrease.  As will daily contact with friends and family.

It can make you feel very homesick if you do communicate a lot anyway.  Sometimes it is good just to through yourself into local and station life to avoid this.

Socialisation ---

When I say socialisation I am talking about the stuff that happens with friends not people you live with all the time.

Now if you are person in the city who just goes out every weekend and not on week days then this can remain the same or similar.  But if you are a person who goes out week nights then this will decrease.

Outback social events tend to be bigger and more fun affairs at times.  People are also friendlier which makes it easier to go out and have fun.  Their won’t be opportunities to go clubbing every night of the week but you will be able to go to the pub, rodeos, races, balls and BBQ’s at the neighbours lake.

Outback fun is different to going out in urban areas -- different not less.

Please get scared off by the isolation just remember

that often you social life is not less just different

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