Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 months and I am finally finding time to blog

The last 3 months have been chaotic, I have barely stopped.  Agriculture and the outback really have been the least of my worries, my focus has been on my job and now.

Pre-Christmas was great but not without dramas.... we all love family, kinda gratful they weren't the lot we were spending Christmas with.  ( I know you all will GET this)

Christmas was good weather but with 3 weeks of parties and people I am glad its over.  Only 3kg extra so I should be happy.  That will disappear as I get into station work over January.

New governessing job this year which required packing last year ... DIDN'T ENJOY THAT... but looking forward to the new family and full intend to walk more this year.  Need to get my fitness back to where it was 18 months ago.  Stopped walking then (after 15 years of it) and never started again.

Looking forward to the time home this January on my parents property.  

Also need to sit down and blog some of last years photos for you.  Got a stack to share just need to make time.

For now I am enjoying my moment fo relaxation.  I was getting very bogged down mentally in the last 6 months.

Now I must go as I have packing to do --- yep :) I'm away at the moment.  Situation normal

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