Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fat Facts on facebook

These ideas are all from the facebook group called FAT FACTS which a friend introduced me to.  

Fat Facts Punters Tips

Learning and Holistic Ideas
  • Breakfast Cereal:  Weetbix has one of the lowest levels of sugar. Your cereals should have less than 10gms of sugar per 100gms
  • Managing Sugar Carvings -
  • Philosophy for people who LOVE food. Dont go cold turky!! you'll crave and binge and give up. And fall of the wagon its ok as long as you get back up your heading forward =)
  • Great  app is myfitnesspal.
    • It's free and helps track your weight.
    • You can put it what you eat each day and it's calculates how many calories your eating.
    • You can also put in your ideal or goal weight and tells you how far off your goal weight you are
    • as well as how many calories you need to consume to achieve the goal.
    • You can also record your exercise for the day which gets calculated in with the calories consumed.
  • I am supplementing using Optifast once a day but find that it does not fill me for long enough unless I add 2 teaspoons of psyllium husk, am adding that to my morning cereal and this is filling me for longer too now.
  • Stick photos/pictures of people or body parts you wish to have e.g toned tummy, legs, arms etc on your fridge, your cudboards (so you can see the photo before opening the door to grab food) on your mirrors just so everytime you get up in the morning you have that bit more motivation and to stop you grabbing the wrong snack when your hungry! Works for me!

Food and Lifestyle

  • Portion and Meal Control
    • concentrate on what I eat and when and cutting back on portions
    • serving a meal it is best to use a white plate instead of a colored plate. You seem to serve less on white.
    • Small meals more often so you don't overeat, portion size is important.
    • 6 meals a day rather than 3 massive ones
  • Liquid Ideas
    • Have a glass of Water before each meal to fill you up a bit and will stop you from eating large portions - it will also assist with Digestion
    • Adding a slice of lemon to your water everyday is great for the body!
    • Drink more water because often you are dehydrated not hungry
    • No juice at lunch just water
    • Huge glass of water before each meal to help make me feel full
  • Food Tips
    • Made a wicked curry but had steamed beans with it instead of rice
    • swapping white with brown... rice and may taste weird at the start...but you will soon learn to love it!
    • Spice speeds up the metabolism
    • Weight watches/light and easy meal for lunch ( thy are good!)
    •  Sweet treat afternoon rather than at night time
    • More vegies than anything else on my dinner plate and i eat them first to fill me uo
  • Shopping Savers
    • When I shop now I actually have a whole list of good foods to eat, even to the point it is brand specific so I don't have to keep reading the back of labels.
    • Iphone App for to use for food counting etc. It called "Bupa - food switch" from memory, and its free. All you do is scan the barcode with the food you normally have, and it will show you/recommend you healthier options
Exercise and Movement
  • Resistance bands are excellent - available at Big W.  great for gaining strength and toning.  Big W also had a DVD called "The Firm - Sculpt-ilates" which has been really great and Oxygen Magazine had an article called "Your 15 minute firm up plan" which is circuit based exercises all using the resistance band.
  • Housework - Scrub the shower and bathroom each week with a scrubbing brush. double reward cause you have a clean house
  • Chores can be a bore, but chin up: cleaning will burn fat and tone muscles just as well as a session at the gym.  -​body+fitness/news+features/​the+housework+workout,11425
  • Look for the little things in everyday life that can add up to you moving more...things like at the shopping centre, park as far away from the door or trolley return as you can, even return those few extra trolleys in the parking bays, stairs instead of lifts, eat before you shop, drink water before a meal to feel fuller, all those little things help
  • Pedometers - help me monitor my daily steps. I'm REALLY happy with this cute little unit and it was cheap as chips off ebay. less than $13 including postage!​350502308953?ssPageName=STRK%3A​MEWNX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1497​.l2649
  • 20-Minute Workout for Women: Butt Fitness & Exercises--Burn 500 calories & Shed Pounds at Women's HealthMag  -
  • Phone App - This is great and a good start for people who dont normally run. I got the app on my phone and i can listen to my music and it just cuts in when i need to start running and when its time to walk again....highly recommend it! -
  • Instead of using scales. Measure the around your arms, thighs, calves, waist, etc. As you excersie you put on muscle and that will way more than fat but you will be getting smaller at the same time. Went to a health day at SOTA about that years ago.

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