Friday, June 1, 2012

My last sunset

I don't think I ever shared the last sunset from last year

It was very sad to leave a family I had come to love as my own.  The kids smiles and laughter will stay in my heart. While these photos were not the best I had seen out this window they were beautiful.  

Leaving is a part of life and it makes you appreciate what you have.  I appreciate the advantage the social media and the internet have brought to living in the outback.  An email, status, blog or comment can bring you in touch with someone thousands of kilometres away.

I also love the fact I have jumped out of the rut and now have a new challenge.  I have had new stresses and laughter in my day which has freshened me up.  

What do you think is the great advantage provided in the bush by the internet?

How do you use it in your everyday life?

1 comment:

  1. WOW! a beautiful sunset to go with many beautiful memories I am sure.

    The internet and social media certainly keeps me sain on many an occasion. It is great to talk to family and friends and share what has been happening so easily.