Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Red Window

Finally finished my BAS and Tax today after school.....yippee...as a treat I decide to tidy all my computer files up.  Make sure all the photos are in the correct folders - control freak or fruit loop? Your pick.

Teaching bush kids all day can leave you loopy  :)  That is my excuse anyway.

This photo below is of the blackout duststorm that Western NSW had in 2009.  

This was taken looking out our schoolroom window before the storm became to dark to take photos.  At full strength the sky turned as black as night.  The big trampoline somersaulted into the swimming pool, a relief maybe other wise it would have been well down the flat. 

I love the Australian outback even at her fiercest, her beauty shines through.  I love the red dust, it's the dry dams and hungry sheep that is tough to deal with.

My job often requires me to support my work family through these tough situations.  Duststorms not only effect their work but also their personal like which are so closely intertwined.  

Sometimes I have to put aside all my personal problems and just smile.  A smile always makes people feel better, especially when it is accompanied by a cuppa and a chat.  

AND if that fails its 5 o'clock somewhere...... 

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