Monday, August 29, 2011

Technology...a curse or treat?

I was scrolling back through emails sent and realised how long it has been since I have emailed most of my friends and family.  These days it feels like 70% of my work involves a computer and although I thought I would never say this I can't be bothered sitting in front of a computer after school.......

WHO would have though blasphemous words like that would have come out of my mouth.

ME the computer geek.

In the schoolroom I spend 6-8 hours a day are spent fight the schoolroom computer.  I would really like to see the education system buy better computers and have a better Internet deal.  The kids nearly keel over laughing when I get frustrate and offer me the axe to put straight through the middle of it.  If I was a cartoonist I could draw a million pictures of that.  

Sometimes I feel my computer knowledge in the outback is often a curse....the more you know, the more people ask you to help.  I love to help but these days I run short on time.  I can't be the personal secretary everyone wants and needs all the time but where do you draw the line. Parents and siblings first, the boss second.  What about aunty's, uncles, 2nd cousins, the boss's best friend....the list goes on and the requests increase

Luckily I don't have anything else to do...LOL... I mean once finish my day in the school room

Now time to cruise facebook and my emails  :) 

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