Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Schoolrooms

Since moving to my new job I haven't blogged.  No time for the wicked. LOL

Now I am going to write a rambling blog...

I have been very busy trying to set up the schoolroom.  My bosses are partway through putting a hole in the wall in my place and turning the schoolroom from one room into 2 rooms.  Very handy for what will now be 2 kids in the schoolroom and later on 3.   

This week has consisted of unpacking my stuff and rearranging the desk in the schoolroom.  For this I have applied the theories from one of my govie friends Queen Govie @ the Governess Australia website ... as she is a friend she has no choice but to help.  We have know each other too long.  

Actually through my blog her touches are everywhere and occasionally she will help with topics and idea which she can not use on her business blog.  I am also stealing some of her photos and recipes that I love to add to the blog.  Having met and been so similar in background and interest we have kept in touch and now work in the same state.  

Anyway back to the new schoolroom.  I am printing and laminating the Governess Australia posters one at a time.  Lucky our Queen Govie is so good at making these ideal posters.  Although on saying that some of them were stolen from me LOL.

After I finished this if I don't see another piece of paper or laminate I will be happy.  This cutting neatly and either laminating or contacting is time consuming.

On that note I can't stand contact.  2 out of 10 end up without bubbles or creases.

How is your start of year and schoolroom setup?

Do you have any good ideas or place to get posters?
If you are a teaching mum or a govie then check out the Governess Australia posters on The Schoolhouse pages.  Great ideas.


  1. Hi,
    Setting up the schoolroom for a new year is exciting. Check out There is some stuff for free or you can pay membership, well worth it I think.
    I have been cutting out laminating of an evening ... what fun lol

  2. I love that website and was a member last year. Downloaded heaps. gotta go back before the membership runs out.