Friday, February 10, 2012

Thumb Sucking

How in the earth do you stop kids sucking thumbs?  

It is a nervous or concentrating action, which could be a problem because by the end of the year I hope my student will be able to spend lots of time concentrating.

As the govie you do need to consult with parents about these issues but when they are in the schoolroom for 6 hours.  It is a good opportunity to sort small things like that out.

Over the years I have had many habits to try and break....
  • nose picking,
  • hair twisting
  • nail biting
  • wiggling and moving

A govie's work is never done :)


  1. After going to an Inschool at our SOA I found out that sometimes kids need to wiggle, swing their legs, whatever to be able to concentrate, so even if it is really annoying to you, there may be a reason to it.... however, I don't think there is a reason to pick your nose, LOL.

  2. Recently found out from a teacher that their are education website which sell necklaces which they can suck or chew. Also have touchy feely bracelets, etc. Also have things they can sit on to stimulate. All really interesting.

    My favourite for wiggling is not to stop the wiggle but channel it. I put a ball with bumps under their feet in a tray and them you fond the feet moves but not the bottom and back.

    I also encourage them to wiggle the toes. I once thought about putting different materials on the back of the desk to get their feet to move more but the upper body less.

    Currently teaching a mover which we are channeling so that it doesn't have an impact on the quality of schoolwork.

    I personally like to move something and have had to change my own habits so that it is my feet and not my upper body. I now have less sore back and neck issues because I am sitting correct.