Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bean Bags and Cranky Kids

Every outback schoolroom has one...you know one of those quiet corners where you put the kids when they need to read or just have quiet time.  OR it is where I go with the kids for some laughter and relaxation (OR tickles)

Today was one of those days when Mr Quick ( My youngest student) just needed to go there...after lunch he was not in the sharing mood with his his little 4YO cousin who was in for a visit.  Mr Quick has black circles around the eyes and had to be told to stop several times.

Mr Quick had finished most of the work so with a reader he was sent to a bean bag


After finishing the read and seeing Mr Quick is still lolling about.  I then put on my 'I am not taking no for an answer' voice and say close your eyes, get comfortable and rest.  He was that tired today that he did so immediately and fell asleep almost instantly.

Unfortunately he had a special lesson later in the day and I had to wake him up after 45 minutes.  If it wasn't one of those lessons to help him catch up to the class he wouldn't have been doing it.  He also woke up happy and wanted to do it.

Hopefully over the house tonight he is much easier to handle and ready to enjoy the current family visiting.

A days work is never done for a govie.

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