Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dust and Glory

I read Dust and Glory by Evan Green for My Year 12 English independent study a few years ago now..   This was a poem I wrote after reading it.  It’s not particularly good but it worked.

Dust and Glory

It was only around Australia
Just 10 000  miles
Driving for 3 weeks
In this years Redex Reliability Trials

A couple of kangaroos to dodge
And creeks to navigate
Driving at breakneck speed
In this years Redex Race

Out in the heat and the blinding dust
Visit the lonely pub
Driving down the toughest roads
Going places where only the navigator knows

Anything can happen in such a race
A blowout or a breakdown
Out on a 25 mile claypan
Or one of Koziousko icy mountain trails

What's a bet on such a race
On this down under island
Sabotage, what's that mate
What does the results mean to the rest of the world

We'll all finish I suppose
Does it matter where
It was fun for all
Unless your life depended on the outcome of this years Redex Race.

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