Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovely Mosquito

Lovely Mosquito

Lovely mosquito, attacking my arm

As quiet and still as a statue,

Stay right where you are! I'll do you no harm-

I simply desire to pat you.

Just puncture my veins and swallow your fill

For nobody's going to swot you.

Now, lovely mosquito, stay perfectly still-

A SWIPE! and a SPLAT! and I GOT YOU!

Doug MacLeod

Doug MacLeod is one of my favourite poets.  He has many poems and books some which have different levels of humour which will appeal to adults.  With kids and governessing sometimes you need an edge, something that will make them laugh for hours.

OTHER favourite authors

Max Fatchen
June Factor
Micheal Dugan

Wonder if I can remember the rest, I will have to blog when I find good ones.

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